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Dr. Cierrah Perrin, Ed.D, is an Author and Educator on a lifelong mission to empower, motivate, and inspire as many women as possible through the power of words. As a community leader, she strives to support initiatives that advocate the voice of women everywhere. As an emerging author, she is a contributor in the book, Truth Be Told: Narratives from the Souls of Black Women, and her forthcoming installment of the Woman to Woman book series will be released in the near future.

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Woman to Woman: Straight to the Point:
Women are powerful. We know this, but sometimes, especially in modern society, we can forget just how much strength we truly have. We’re a complex, sometimes flawed, but ultimately powerful force in the world, and that is what will get us past our problems and out the other side to success and happiness.

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The book is set to be beneficial in a day-by-day setting. By doing this, you are able to learn and utilize what is learned on a daily basis instead of over exuberating yourself all at once.

In addition, each chapter is followed by a quote from a woman that signifies what that particular chapter is intended to exemplify. I am no expert, however, I feel like it is the right time that we speak, woman to woman. My goal is not to give a false sense of perfection, but to promote evolution and progression.

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